Q: How should I prepare for a hot yoga class?

A: Make sure you are well hydrated with water before class. Drink several glasses in the hours leading up to class. You should also come to class on an empty stomach (no food for an hour or two before class). If you cannot come to class on an empty stomach, limit your food intake to fruits or vegetables. Wear clothes that are lightweight, and non-baggy.

Q: What should I bring to class?

A: You need only bring your self to practice yoga. Studio Vitality has all the equipment you may need for your practice. We recommend bringing your own mat if you have one. We also recommend bringing a towel or two and a bottle of water.


Q: I have limited flexibility, can I still practice yoga?

A: Flexibility is something gained from the practice of yoga. You don't have to be flexible to start to practice yoga.

With consistent practice over time, yoga will allow you to lengthen and expand your muscles, releasing toxins that build up during the daily repetitive activities most people engage in.



Q: How often should I practice yoga?

A: Yoga is a journey and everyone's practice is unique unto them. The poses, postures and techniques you learn are designed to guide your body and mind. If you approach your practice with discipline, consistency and commitment the benefits will come to you naturally.

We would recommend practicing 3-6 times per with and we have outlined a variety of plans to meet your individual needs.


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