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As the Moon moves through her twenty-eight day cycle from new to full, this celestial body pulls the tides of our oceans, our bodies, and our emotions. TUNING YOUR CHAKRAS offers a bimonthly exploration of how we can harness the energy of the moon cycle to create greater clarity and envision new possibility in our lives.


The NEW MOON is the time to think about planting seeds of intention and possibility. It is the time to visualize new projects, set new goals, and open to new possibilities. The New Moon is also a good time to replace negative habits with healthy positive ones. This Tuning Your Chakras session will support a top-down creation from Seventh Chakra (idea) to First Chakra  (manifestation) by envisioning an idea and using the vibrations of the crystal bowls to unblock and allow the free flow of manifesting energy. It will include a vinyasa flow of poses.


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Sat|Dec 2nd|9am


Yoga Flow


Experience an Ayurvedic inspired yoga practice that is warming, calming, grounding and can help return balance to our mind and bodies. Join NAMA Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor Motina Austin for a vata pacifying flow practice and find balance during Vata Season!

The ayurvedic season of “vata” occurs when the elements of ether and air dominate in nature. Vata season runs from autumn through early winter and infuses nature with cool, dry, rough, hard, mobile, light, subtle and clear qualities.

Since we are the microcosm to earth’s macrocosm, these same qualities could increase in our bodies and minds. Leaving us feeling anxious, stressed and fearful in our minds. And experiencing overall weakness, dryness in our skin and joints, variable digestion, constipation and insomnia.

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