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Turning Toward Spring: A Master Class on Twists and More!

Twists are known to detox the physical body and help us release things and thoughts that keep us stuck emotionally and energetically. Join Dana to deepen your understanding and expand your physical practice of these transformative poses. We will begin with a centering dharma talk to ground and unify our intention, move through a vinyasa practice specifically sequenced with in-depth instruction to bring your body more fully into each asana, and close with Dana's signature savanna lullaby of live chanting. You will leave clear, open, and ready to turn your gaze toward the coming of Spring.



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No matter how comfortable you are with inversions, we will have something for everyone in this 4-week course. We will break down Inversions each week by focusing on key components of core strengthening, conditioning along with functional strength to then build them back up by using headstand, forearm-stand and handstand. We will develop strength and flexibility to create ease while you are upside down. We will address safety and spotting techniques for *teachers as well. It is not necessary to practice handstand, in fact, your feet may never leave the floor, but everyone will leave with a better understanding of what it takes to stand on your hands. And we will help you to recognize and overcome the number one challenge to inverting: fear.

Tuition: $80 when you Sign UP for all 4, $25 single class