MARCH 10th-APRIL 28th SATURDAYS at 10:30AM


Each week will focus on particular components of the physical yogapractice along with mindfulness and dynamic meditation. 

Week 1: Breath, Movement, & Intro to Sun Salutations
Week 2: Moving through Sun Salutations A & B
Week 3: Dynamic Warrior Poses
Week 4: Balancing and Seated Poses
Week 5: Exploring Backbends
Week 6: Inversion preparation for Shoulder Stand
Week 7: Preparation for Yogi Headstands
Week 8: Integration Practice of weeks 1-7

Benefits Include:
    •    Learn yoga in a safe and friendly atmosphere
    •    Move at your own pace throughout each pose
    •    Build a strong understanding of basic postures
    •    Develop strength, coordination and flexibility
    •    Release tension in the body and create space in the mind